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What Do YOU Need?

Modernize your system implementation to improve your code compliant installations! Our PanelVu offerings pair our experts with yours to craft a unique, repeatable solution guaranteed to control costs and maintain quality. We’ll work with you every step of the way whether you need to utilize our standard life safety products or your own system interface equipment for an easy field install tailored to your exact specifications. Once our No Excuses Team and in-house engineering experts identify and design the perfect solution for your next job, our highly-trained staff meticulously build and check every custom product right here in our Massachusetts facilities.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Achieve Code Compliance

Achieve Code Compliance

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Proven in the Field

Our valuable partners have used PanelVu solutions on the job for a variety of applications including: Smoke Control | Fan/Damper Control | Elevator Recall | Tamper and Flow | Fire Pump Interface | Fire Door Control | Graphic Annunciation, and many more!

Smoke Control

Firefighters Smoke Control, Atrium Smoke Exhaust, Stairwell Pressurization, or Post-Fire Smoke Purge graphic control panels all have unique requirements based on the individual building they're being designed for. No matter the application, we guarantee a UL/UUKL compliant assembly that integrates seamlessly with your Fire Alarm or Building Automation System. Our experts will work directly with yours to bring your panel to life, no matter the size, graphics or colors requirements.

Designed to Your Specs

Assembled by Our Experts

Ready for Easy Installation

Prefabricated Wiring Solutions

When timelines and quality are the most important aspects of a successful installation, prefabricated Wiring Solutions just make sense. Whether it be a telephone system interface or fan/damper control, grouping any number of modules together can take up valuable installation effort that would be more efficiently allocated elsewhere on your job. By standardizing your layouts and having them expertly assembled by our certified staff in a quality controlled environment, you’re guaranteed to save time, reduce liability, and cut costs.

Annunciation Solutions

Every unique building layout demands an equally unique annunciation solution. Whether you need an aesthetically pleasing LED graphic panel for your main lobby or a rugged tabular annunciator that can survive in a harsh environment, we proudly offer extensive customizability from detailed graphics to trim color.

Space Age GL8 Annunciator

Graphic Annunciation

Display the graphic detailing the layout and vital information of your building on a sleek, aesthetically professional panel with our GL8 and XL8 series of annunciators. These durable frames house critical system components for safe indoor or outdoor use, and your detailed graphic is protected by a transparent polycarbonate layer with zones clearly illuminated by powerful LEDs mounted to a rear aluminum plate. Looking to round out your project with Code Frames and Document Solutions? Check out our Acerbox line!

Space Age XL8 Annunciator

Tablular Annunciation

Display your building-specific directory style information on a durable, commercial-grade panel with our XL8 series of annunciators. This NEMA type 1 welded enclosure protects critical system components for safe indoor use, and a variety of grid displays protecting a removable slipsheet can be clearly identified by powerful backlit illumination.

Space Age Mini Annunciator

Mini Annunciation

The M08/M16 Mini Annunciators are designed for a variety of fire and security applications and offer versatility with a compact design for displaying the condition of a monitored device. These Mini Annunciators feature a red or black textured finish, indoor or outdoor style enclosure and flush or surface mounting. The display features a removable legend and is accompanied by a variety of circuit options and switch configurations to meet your design applications. Zone nomenclature is easily changed on the removable legend sheet before or after installation.

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