Talentum UV/IR² Flame Detector

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The Talentum® Ultra-Violet, dual Infra-Red (UV/IR²) Flame Detector is designed to protect areas where open fires may be expected and detects most flames from hydrocarbon fires with 4.3μm emissions through to invisible fires such as hydrogen.

The UV/IR² Flame Detector is sensitive to flickering, low frequency (1-15Hz) infra-red radiation along with ultra-violet emitted by flames during combustion.

This detector has a UV sensor and two IR sensors which respond to different wavelengths of both the ultra-violet and the infra-red spectrum. The signals from these sensors are processed by the detector and checked for characteristics of a flame. The simultaneous detection of both the UV and the IR light by the sensors will signal an alarm. False alarms from flickering sunlight, arc welding and lightning are eliminated by a combination of UV and dual IR signal processing techniques.

The Talentum® UV/IR² detector has selectable output options of relay contacts or 4 to 20mA signal as standard.

  • Highest immunity to false sources
  • Solar blind
  • High ambient temperature applications
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Unaffected by convection currents, draughts or wind
  • Proven response to multiple fuel types
  • Multi-spectrum detection
  • Selectable output options
  • Selectable response speed
  • Selectable sensitivity levels
  • Built in auto and manual test
  • Low current consumption
  • Fast response to fire