MR-900 Series Latching Relays

The MR-900 Series Latching Relays provide DPDT 10 Amp contacts which only requires a momentary impulse (24VAC or 24VDC) in order to latch. The relay also requires a like 24VAC or 24VDC steady power source; reset occurs either by depressing the on board N.C. momentary push button switch or by momentarily removing the steady (SUP) power from the circuit.

Each relay position contains a high intensity LED which when illuminated indicates the relay coil is energized. This provides a time saving convenience when checking an installed system, no metering is required.

Individual relay circuits may be "snapped apart" from a standard 4 position module and are also available in the single circuit configuration. These relays are equipped with either track mounting hardware or metal enclosure.

These devices are well suited for applications such as fire alarm systems, HVAC, energy management, temperature control and lighting systems.

  • Each relay contains a high-intensity LED indicating an energized coil status
  • Single, dual or triple relay modules may be "snapped apart" from standard 2, 4 and 8-position masters
  • UL recognized relays rated at 10,000,000 mechanical operations
  • /C versions mounted in enclosures with LED viewing port(s)
  • /C/R versions with red covers for NYC and other uses

Option Contact Rating (in Amps) Contact Type Enclosure Input Voltage Positions Price Purchase
Latching Relay, 10A, DPDT, 1 Position, Track-Mount Enclosure
10 DPDT Track-Mount 24VDC, 24VAC 1
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